11 Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online – Tips & Tricks

11 Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online – Tips & Tricks

It’s hard to beat the convenience of online shopping — you can browse stores at any hour in your pajamas and have purchases delivered right to your door. But saving online isn’t as easy without a little forethought and footwork on your part.

But free shipping, deep discounts, and additional rewards are within your grasp if you know how to find them.

Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

There are numerous ways to save money when you’re online shopping, from apps and browser extensions to group buys and digital marketplaces.

1. Apps

Most savings apps are available for free for both iOS and Android devices as well as through online portals. Some of the best rewards-based shopping apps include:

  • Ibotta. Get cash-back rewards on purchases you make through the platform. It offers rewards on online grocery purchases as well as other products, like clothing and beauty products. For a complete list of pros and cons, see our Ibotta review.
  • Drop. Available only for mobile, Drop rewards shoppers who make purchases through its app. You can earn points in various ways, including shopping through the app, playing games, and completing surveys and redeem your points for online gift cards.
  • Fetch Rewards. Scan receipts for groceries and household purchases from grocery, convenience, pet supply, hardware, and liquor stores as well as gas stations into Fetch Rewards. It checks to see if you made any purchases from their partnered brands, such as Heinz, Knorr, and Kraft. For more information, see our Fetch Rewards review.
  • Store-Specific Apps. Many stores, such as Target, Instacart, and Asos, have their own apps, which can keep you from having to pay full price on your online purchases. Many store-specific apps offer exclusive discounts and rewards to app users, so before you make a purchase, check to see if a simple download can help you save money.

2. Online Tools

You can use rewards-focused online shopping tools in various ways, from browsing and shopping to earning points through games and surveys. Others save you money by tracking price changes for purchases you’ve already made.

  • Groupon. Groupon allows you to search for deals on products and services from local merchants. It’s perfect for local classes and events and activities like photography lessons, festivals, and city tours. But you can also find discounts on products and services, like flower bouquets and massages. Learn more in our full Groupon review.
  • Swagbucks. You can earn rewards by shopping through Swagbucks, completing surveys, conducting online searches, playing online games, and watching videos. Find more details by reading our Swagbucks review.
  • RetailMeNot. If you’ve ever searched for online coupons before making a purchase, chances are you’ve visited RetailMeNot. Although the site has been a popular place to find coupons and deals, it now offers a rewards program as well. You can shop via a browser extension, the RetailMeNot website, or a mobile app for free. See our RetailMeNot review for all the details.
  • Paribus. Paribus works a little differently from other savings apps. Instead of providing coupons and discount codes, it tracks purchases you make and lets you know when the price changes. When it detects a lower price than the one you paid, it lets you know so you can request a price match.

3. Browser Extensions

Browser extensions work with most browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. Most extensions conveniently apply coupons to your virtual carts before you make a purchase, making saving money simple and stress-free.  ReadMore


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